Line Lineage

Our Lineage

Our Lineage

Learn about our organization's heritage

The Phi Iota Chapter has a storied history. We can trace our heritage back through several prominent lines. See the lines below for more information.

The Charter Line: Genesis 9

  • Keaton Patrick Bennett
  • Deonte Lamar Freeman
  • Danny Thomas Flanagan III
  • Kevin James Webster Jr.
  • Naim Hassan Tripp
  • Tracey Devaughn Lee Easton
  • Michael Greg Cornaldi
  • Samuel Beverly III
  • Nathaniel Aaron Alston Jr.

The First Initiates: 6 Pharaohs of the New Dawn: The P.R.O.T.O.T.Y.P.E.

  • Jamie Zhyair Mintz
  • Habeeb Bashir Baba
  • Rodney Eugene Jones
  • Myles Anthony Copes
  • Nicholas Louis Earl Jones
  • Kekuta Alieu Bah

The First Bloodline: SNOWFALL: The Book Of 2 Kings

  • Mamut Conteh
  • Farmer Zuri Stubblefield